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Trò Chơi Dối Trá
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Trò Chơi Dối Trá

Liar Game

36 min

Đang phát: 11

Tập mới nhất: 432

Quốc gia: Japan

Diễn viên: Erika TodaKazuma SuzukiMakoto SakamotoMasayuki IzumiMichiko KichiseRinko KikuchiShigeo KiyamaShingo IppongiShôta MatsudaSôkô Wada

Thể loại: Chưa được phân loại

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Nội dung phim

Xem phim Liar Game nhật bản live action Trò Lừa (Liar Game Season 1)  Trusting, gullible Nao suddenly finds herself participating in the mysterious Liar Game, a game where the players are issued large sums of money which they then have to cheat each other out of. A few get rich, while the rest find themselves in debt for life. Nao's opponent is her former teacher. Relieved, she goes to him for advice, but is tricked into giving him all her money. With no idea of how to retrieve the money to avoid debt, Nao is desperate. When she gets a tip that a genius swindler, Shinichi Akiyama, is about to be released from prison, she turns to him for help. With some initial reluctance, Akiyama agrees to be her right-hand man in the game. As the two get pulled deeper into increasingly difficult levels of the game, it gradually becomes clear that their participation was far from coincidental. Written by Anonymous

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